After the installation

Since the maintenance manager of this system is preset to be any person who installed the system, the following set-up works should be performed by the user who installed the system.

  1. At the screen of “Environment Setting” under “Salon Maintenance” , general setting items are set according to the needs of the user.

    1. Number of the Shops
      Select “plural shops”, if the Salon holds more than one shop and has the need to have an independent reservation page for each shop.
    2. Approval of the Login by the Clients
      If you want the columns for user ID and the password be displayed, on the screen of Reservation (refer to 2. Reservation Screen), check mark the column of “approve the client’s login”. This is the function not required if the same function is provided by other means like sidebars and so.
    3. Opration Log Setting
      Check the mark “Opration Log Setting” to recorded the opration of “Add”,”Update” or ”Delete” to log file.
    4. Automatic Deletion
      Check the mark “automatic deletion”to mask the personal information like names and phone numbers after the designated month since the reservation date. This is daily updated automatically at midnight.
    5. Months when to delete the Personal Information
      Enter the designated months ahead of the reservation date by number in the column of “months when to delete” under “Setting of Environment”. This column is only valid when you check marked the column of “automatic deletion”.
    6. Display the Details of Errors
      By check marking the column of “Display Details”, the detailed information of the errors will be displayed. If you want the errors be analyzed, this should b e presented to the analyzer.
    7. The Attendance and Absence of the Staffs, and the Timeframe possible to make Reservation
      If you select “unable to enter when holidays” under “Salon Management”, clients cannot make reservation on the holidays of the designated staff. If the staff select “unable to enter other than when attendant”, clients can only reserve where the staff registers as attendant on the “timecard” screen under the “Salon Management”. You may select “unable to enter other than when attendant””if you could register your attendance and the absence correctly in advance, however you are strongly recommended to choose “unable to enter when holidays” on daily operations.
    8. The Sequence of Sur Name and Given Name
      This is the selection of the sequence of Sur Name and Given Name. Select “Sur Name first” mainly for Japanese and Chinese. “Given Name first” is another choice.
    9. No Preference of Staff
      If you allow the reservation without nomination of a certain staff, check the column. If you do not mark the column, it means the designation of any staffs becomes mandatory for any clients and may not recommend since the prospect clients may confuse.
    10. Before or After the X Day
      This column is used to select the range of the days extracted from the data base of the reservation and the actual performance to view as a list. The criteria of X day are the day you currently operate the system. If you choose a large numerical value for the X to enter, the response time of the system may slow down. So, please make the X according to the situation and the need of the shop. (E.g. the reservation is full for another 1 year, or one month is enough for it, or else)
    11. Number of the Staffs displayed
      This is the screen showing staffs for the reservation. Recommend the number you enter to be 3 to 6 around, for the better visual appealing.
    12. The Content of the Confirming Notice to the Client
      When responding to the clients of without registration as a member, if you put [X-TO_NAME] and [X-SHOP] into the contents of the confirmation mail, which will be displayed as the name of the client and the shop automatically and sent to the client.
    13. The Content of the confirmation Mail to respond to the Client newly registered as a Member
      This is the model contents of the mail to the client who checked “register as a member” on the screen of Reservation Confirmation. In this notice mail, the password for the client is also included.

  2. If you have multiple shops, you can set the information for each of the shop on the screen of Shop Information under the “Shop Maintenance”. This operation is unable to set without check marking the column of “Plural Shops” on the screen of “Number of Shops” under the “Environment Setting”. Followings are the items you have to be careful when setting the information onto the system;

    1. “copy and paste this tag to insert to the page”
      The tag displayed as above should be inserted to the fixed page as it reads, then the reservation screen will be displayed.
    2. The Maximum Number of the Redundant Reservations
      By entering the number, you can set the maximum number of the reservations to coop with simultaneously by each shop. If the staff serves to only one client full time one on one, set the number as zero.
    3. Unit of Time (minutes)
      Time unit is selectable for the clients when making reservation. If unit 15 is designated, then the time is selectable from 10:00, 10:15 and so on. If 30 is selected, 10:00, 10:30, and so, for example.
    4. Regular Closing Day
      You can nominate a regular closing day of the week by the unit of week. If you open the shop on a special holiday or regular closing day, you have to set it on the screen of “Basic Information” under “Salon Maintenance”

  3. By the setting on the screen of “Position Information” under “Salon Maintenance”, you can select the functions according to the position of the staffs you selected. All the functions are set as default according to each position. Check with the screen what can be handled by each position from part time worker to the President. For example, part timers are set only capable of reservation registration as a default, and if you think a certain part timer be allowed to use the function of the attending and absence, then check here to activate the function.

    1. Authority
      1. If you check marking the “Authority of Management”, then you can operate also information of other shops.
      2. If you check marking the “Time Card (full members)”, you can access all the information on attendances and the absences of all the staffs in your shop, so take caution in operating the system.

  4. Setting of Staff Information under “Salon Maintenance” If you register as a staff here on the screen of “Staff Information” you will become also a user of “Word Press”. If you are already registered to the Word Press with the authority of contributor or upper, you will be on the list of the staffs here.
    However, you are not still registered yet as a staff, you have to add the user information after the selection, and you can use the function as a staff just by the plug in.

    1. Number of Redundant Reservations
      Set the number of redundant reservations a staff can handle at the same timeframe. Normally the number should be zero, but could it be 1 if the staff should have an assistant and serve duplicate clients at the same time. Of course highly capable staff may also select 3, or 4.
    2. phpto upload

      1. The screen of “photo upload” have three tabs, namely “From Computer”, “From URL”, and “Media Library”. All three ways to add photographs are selectable on the screen of “photo upload”. Adding “From URL” is not recommendable since it does not enlarge the picture even if you click the thumbnail on the Reservation Screen.
      2. Select “Thumbnail” as for the size of the picture, and click the column of “Insert into Post”.
      3. Return to the last screen after the above operation, and forget not to click the button either of“Add” or “Update”.

  5. Setting of the MENU under “Salon Maintenance”

  6. Creation of the Page for each Shop
    1. Create a new page on the “Add New” under “Pages”
    2. After setting the title name namely the name of the shop, set short codes in the contents.
      1. When single shop salon: [shop-booking]
      2. When Solon has plural shops: [shop-booking branch_cd=XX]
        In case of multiple shops are operated, “XX” is displayed in the “Please copy and paste this tag to insert to the page” which is the directly below the button if you select appropriate shop on the “Shop Information”.

  7. Try to display the site. You should probably get the Reservation Screen on the Page.