Others how to use the System

  1. Client Information
    On this screen of “Client Information” under “Salon Maintenance”, you can register the existing client not yet a registered member.

    1. User Login
      Supposing the Login Name is the same with Mail Address, any ID could be accepted so long as it is Sole and Unique within the site.

  2. Time Card
    Set the working schedule of staffs. With the role of “Time Card(Full Members)”, the system displays all the staffs belonging to the shop.

    1. New Registration
      Double click the date column on when you want register, or display the detailed screen by dragging the attendant hour and dropping it onto the leaving hour. And check mark either the column of “Regular Duty”, “Absent”, “Delay”, “Leave Early” or “Holiday Shift”.

      1. Update/Delete
        By double clicking the column of the already registered, display the detail list and update the data and/or delete.
      2. Copy and Paste
        Click the column of already registered and select which data be copied and pasted.
        Push down the “CTRL” and the “C” keys of PC at the same time to copy, and after clicking the date where to be pasted, push again down the “CTRL” and the “V” keys simultaneously