Operation of Reservation by Phone or else

There are two ways. First one is to reserve at the “Reservation Register” under “Salon Management”, and the other is to use the screen for ” Reservation”.
The reservation from such clients as to have no e-mail address should be handled with the “Reservation Register” function under “Salon Management”. If the reservation is for the client newly acquired with demanding member registration simultaneously, the “Reservation Register” is the only function to perform the setting under “Salon Management”

  1. “Reservation Regist” under “Salon Management

    It displays all the reservation for “past X days” from an operation day.

    1. Existing Clients 
      If the client is a member, select either by “Mail” or by “Phone” , and the name of the client, then click the “Search” button. If the client, for example, is John Smith, input minimum letters like “Jo” in the “Name” column, then all the clients whose name have “Jo” letters within their names are all listed up on the screen. If you select from the list by whom the reservation was made, then the screen returns back to the screen of Reservation Register with the rest of the information related to the client is already filled in.

    2. Newly acquired Clients
      As for new clients, the input of “Mail” or “Phone” is mandatory. Confirming the client of the will to join as a member, check the column of “Register as a Member” . The name for the login could be either the Mail Address if the address is set in the column of “Mail”, or the Phone No. of the “Phone” column with eliminating the symbol mark of ” – ” inserted among the phone number if the client has no email address. The Password initially assigned is the same with the login Name. Notice to the client the Login Name and tentative Password, and recommend change the password immediately to what the client created.

  2. Reservation Screen
    Open the screen of Reservation always in the login status. If you open without being logged in, the screen is set as for the client. Also be sure if you have No Authority (as a staff with being not in authorized “Position” for the “Reservation Screen operation), the screen becomes the same with for clients. Reconfirm the “Search” button whether it is displayed on the Input Details Screen, and if no showing of the Search button, that exhibits you have no authority