Common Interface of Control Screen

  1. Button
    1. “Add” and “Update” signify the addition and Updating of the information related.
    2. “Clear” does literally clear the detailed input columns.
    3. “Show Details” and “Hide Details” execute display and hide the detailed information by each.

  2. Part of Input Details
    It is not displayed at the initial status. To display, you have to click the button of “Display Details” or click the “Select” from the list.

  3. Listing

    It displays the list of Information. By clicking the button of “ Select” in the operation column, information designated is updated. If you want to delete, click the button of “Delete” in the operation column. The information is deleted accordingly.
    The button of “up” or “down” on the Seq column is showing the order of item like staff or menus on the screen of “Reservation Detail.